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Qualities Of A Security Officer

A security officer is one occupation that doesn’t need much academic qualifications. It is a job that requires both physical strength and critical capability. There are skills, competences and experiences that one needs to have in order to become a good security person. Any employer wishing to employ a private security person considers some important qualities in the person. In the same way, the security companies before recruiting a person to be a security officer considers some particular qualities.

One of the most essential qualities of a cctv installation is physical fitness. A person with physical strength can struggle with anyone wishing to cause havoc at a place. It needs someone who has the ability to stop any unauthorized person from entering a place, ability to battle with thieves and robbers and ability to assure the employer of their strength. People need someone whom they can trust in terms of trouble, someone who will not be running with the crowd but will guide them into safety.

Apart from that, security officers need to be people with social skills and capabilities. This is a person who can understand the behaviors’ of the people around them. One who is aware of how certain people reacts to an issue and understands why. Such people have abilities such as self motivation and self determination.  Having confidence in work, and working with passion. For example security people offering retail video analytics at AFN Solutions should be able to understand how to work with different customers, being able to guide them into their area of interest in a polite but authoritative manner.

Closely related to social skills are the strong communication skills. A security person should be able to communicate efficiently and fluently to the customers and the employer so as to pass the information necessary. Also, good writing skills are necessary so as to be able to note down every action that happens in the cause of their working. Accuracy and honest in presenting of information to the supervisors or employers is also vital, because such information can be used by the police or in the court of law as evidence towards the accused.

Another quality is the ability to learn very fast, and be able to work well with the available equipments and machines. Security officers should know how to sound the alarm, how to answer to a telephone call, how to read the CCTV cameras and how to work with the GPS tracking devices.   Also having the ability to learn very fast and accommodate the ever changing technological knowledge in the field of security.

Furthermore, the ability of critical thinking and being able to apply the knowledge of logic and reasoning is another quality. This is essential when dealing with issues such as an emergence. They should be able to look for an alternative solution whenever a critical issue arises. Furthermore, they should be calm and have decision making skills and ability to negotiate and come up with the most relevant solution