Month: March 2016

Gone are the days when starting a business was a massive undertaking with realms of paper and official announcements. Regulations may differ from country to country, but the fact of the matter is, starting a small- scale business is much easier in this day and age of improved technology to help communication effective and less expensive. Once you get started though, it is difficult to keep costs down as various needs get highlighted. The first few months are crucial in getting your feet on the ground, so here are some tips on how to minimize expenses while appearing professional at the same time.

Forget the Shiny Office Space

It is every start- up’s dream to move into sprawling office space in a high rise overlooking a nice view. But the reality is that many businesses won’t have their own office space for the first year or two. It may be tempting to invest in office space as soon as the profits start rolling in (if they do) but this is precisely what you must not do; paying out rent from money you can re- invest in the business will impact you negatively in the long run. Commit to remaining in your cramped quarters for a little while longer – that shiny office space will taste that much sweeter when you finally move in.

Limit Unnecessary Infrastructure

Every business needs certain infrastructure and material, such as computers and desks and chairs. Other items however, like the coffee machine and an extra printer or scanner, can wait. Learn to share everything and cut down on costs. Same goes for telephones. This is the era of the internet; voip phone systems for small businesses are the smartest move, even trumping the mobile phone.

For purposes of professional appearances, it is necessary to have a “landline” phone, but the monthly rental is astronomical so invest in reputable voip phone systems for small business as it is more economical and more convenient than laying down cables and cords.

Human Resource is Key

A start- up/ small business may not be able to pay much so it will be difficult to attract the right candidate for that vacancy you are trying to fill. However, bear in mind that a candidate who is able to multi- task and is eager to learn is worth so much more than the one- trick- pony who has 5 years’ experience. Small businesses must be flexible enough to change and adapt, or be run over by their bigger competitors, so do your best to find the right person for the right job. Once you have, throw every trick in the book at them: emphasize your flexibility, offer them a stake in the business, show the potential for growth and improvement and divert all the possible funds into hiring him/ her. Make them feel that they will be personally valued by you in a way they will not feel in a large corporate and they just might sign on with you.

Just when you think our world cannot get any more advanced, it does. Inventions that blow your mind are consistently making their way into the market, with high sales and tech-hungry customers eager to get their hands on the latest toy. Where once it took hours to get one decent picture, today not only are cameras able to capture a moment in time forever, they can also do so creatively. One such invention of the recent past that changed the face of photography forever is the GoPro. Once barely known to the public, today it is a global phenomenon and a vital gadget in a photographer’s bag. 

One of the reason it has risen to popularity in such a short time, is because it is actually an extremely versatile gadget. With an Aerial GoPro stabilizer, this versatility increases as on its own, the GoPro is able to capture some stunning footage which is a far cry from your average camera. Fantastic for underwater coverage or adventure sports, whatever your requirement is it is now possible to gather them all in angles previously never imagined. Sky-diving, water sports as well as jungle treks are some of the most popular activities the GoPro has provided its services for. In this link you will find more GoPro accessories.
Another reason the device made its way to the top of the tech-charts, is its astounding quality. Given its flexibility in adapting to any situation, this came as the cherry on top an already very sweet cake. With such technology already in-built, people were rather skeptical to expect good footage however were more than pleasantly surprised when they discovered it was better than their already existing cameras. The photography and video world ushered in a new era as a result.
Perhaps the crowning glory of this device is that it is extremely convenient to carry around as it is not bulky at all. Lightweight and small in size, it can fit into any bag which makes it so much easier to carry it around even long distances. If you are into hiking for instance, and would like to capture your experiences, with a GoPro stabilizer Gimbal, it is possible to gather stupendous footage as the device adds little-to-no weight which does not affect your climb.
Of course such a perfect device comes with a heavy price tag, and photographers who are starting out may find it a bit difficult to invest in one right away. However, there are second hand options available which may be great for you to practice on especially if you are still an amateur and need to polish your skills. Once you are confident, you would have had some time to also save up and buy a brand new one. Ensure you always check the specifications and measure it up to the cost so you get the best deal and value for money.